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Fast and reliable locksmith services - guaranteed.
Our hard working, and above all, skilled team members are what make our home and car locksmith services so outstanding. Located in Thomasville, NC, our team is very passionate about providing fast and affordable locksmith services. 

As a member of the North Caroline Locksmith Association, we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that every job is completed properly and quickly. Bill's Locksmith Inc is fully licensed by the state of North Carolina.

When you rely on Bill's Locksmith Inc, your safety and security is our number one concern.

Our great communication

We make it our top priority to identify the problem and clearly communicate with our clients at all times. Here, at Bill's Locksmith Inc, he will ensure that you are getting the outcome that you want and that all your considerations are taken into account. We are Thomasville's most trusted leader for quality home and car locksmith services.

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Our hard working, and above all, skilled team members

Our broad experience

Our team has a great deal of experience working with locks. This experience helps us solve even the most difficult problems, including hard to pick car locks. Through experience we can help advise you for your car, home or office to ensure optimum safety, while not exceeding your budget.

We offer quality car locksmith services for Thomasville and the surrounding areas. Call us today to learn more!
Our hard working, and above all, skilled team members

Our expertise 

The expertise of our home and car locksmith services' team comes from years of experience. Each of our locksmiths undergoes ongoing training to ensure they are always up-to-date on the latest lockout procedures and more. At Bill's Locksmith Inc, we can quickly analyze any situation and help put together a quick and effective solution for your problem.

At Bill's Locksmith Inc, in Thomasville, we are highly skilled in the operations of lockouts, dead bolts, keyless entries and more! 
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